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Ping Speed Test

Enter your URL: We’ll give you your ping time from 5 locations and help you to improve it.

What's my ping?

How this ping test knows what it knows

What Is A Good
Ping Speed?

Response time over a network is limited by the speed of light. If we assume that a ping travels with the speed of light (it doesn’t), and that it travels twice the distance, we get 0,067 milliseconds for 10 km. For light to travel from Paris to New York (5,839 km) and back again, would take 40 milliseconds. If your ping is something between 10 and 40 milliseconds, it’s a good time. However, once your ping becomes three-digit, it’s comparatively high.

Can I Fix
A High Ping?

Yes, possible actions include, but are not limited to: reducing number of HTTP requests, adding Expires or Cache-Control Header, and utilizing a CDN to reduce website latency by caching website assets on global edge servers (POPs). To further enhance the user experience of your visitors, the next step is to reduce the load time of your website. We'll show you different techniques in our detailed guide, which you'll receive directly after your test.

How Can PRTG Network Monitor Help?

PRTG offers a wide range of features to ensure your websites are always accessible and fast. Checking your site’s HTTP status, DNS & Routing is just the beginning – but a rather informative one: We have edge locations in various cities, across different countries. Right now, the locations are Ireland, California, North Virginia, Sao-Paolo and Singapore. You can easily use the locations to verify your site’s availability, stability and performance.